Notebooks 1 - 27
from 2001.97-f5-M#1

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Vol. 1-A1
Bourk, Bourg, Bourque. , (1727-1755)                         
Bourg, Boudreau,  Broudrot Belliveau, at Port Royale
Births, Marriages are in chronlogical Order
Others Marriages # 1-#294 -Poirier, Girouard, Forest, Bourgeois,
Lavergne, Guillaud, Duggart, Garcon, Richard, Gadet, Quessie
PrisJean, Brau, Savoye, Robichaux, Simon, Richard,
Leger, Frontaine, Raimond, Comeau, Hebert, Guibbaut,
Muis-D’Entremont, Doucet, Benots, Dugas, LeBlanc,
Martin, Godet, Depuis, Granger, Guillabo, Orillon, Landry,
LeCiel, Mieux (d’Entremont) Paresse (MicMac), Collier (Mic Mac),
Myus (d’Entremont), Brun, Braut, Lore, Gautrot, Commau
Doyron, LePrince, Blanchard, Leger, Como, Prince, Liere,
You, Brault, Poirer, Belivaux, Amirault, Lanous, Jeanson
Melanson, Belivos, Dorillon, Andre, Bergerault (BeauBassin)
Giroir, Grosvalet, Edgair, Thibedeau, Moulaison, Pellerin, Long
(Irelandais), Babineau, Lanoue, Benoit, Raimon, Doucet, Aucoin,
Commo, Mirault (Amirault), Bastarache, Mouton, Gourdeau,
Duon, Saulnier, Aubois, Lier,
The last marriages were on Jan 27, 1755.
The last births recorded were on Dec. 13, 1754
Port Royal Register.
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Vol. 2-A1
Marriages of the Doucet family of Annapolis 1727-1755
 Births of Melanson family of Annapolis
 Marriages of Melanson family of Annapolis
 Births of Robichau family of Annapolis
 Marriages of Robichaud ( Robichaux) family of Annapolis
 Births of Dugas (Dugast) family of Annapolis Royal 
 Marriages of Godet (Gaudet) family of Annapolis
Births of the Trahan family at Annapolis
Births of the Thibodeau (Thibaudeau) family at Annapolis
Marriages of the Thibodeau (Thibaudeau) family at Annapolis
Births of Theriault at Annapolis
Marriage of Thibeau family of Annapolis
Births of the Maillet (Myer) family in Annapolis
Marriages of the Maillet family
Births of the Theriault at Annapolis
Births of the family Devoult
(Port-Royal Registers)
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Vol. 3-A1
Birth of Comeau family (Port-Royal), 
Marriages of Comeau family (Port-Royal),
Marriage of the Daughter of Comeau family in Digby Co.,N.S.
Acadians at Grand-Pré(1755)
List of Comeau family in the church at Grand-Pre in 1755
List of Theriault family in the church at Grand-Pre in 1755
List of Melanson family in the church at Grand-Pre in 1755
List of Saulnier family in the church at Grand-Pre in 1755
List of Bourg family in the church at Grand-Pre in 1755
List of Robichau family in the church at Grand-Pre in 1755
There were no Gaudet at Grand-Pre between 1727-1755.
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Vol. 4-A1
Port-Royal records of (Births of those who settled in Yarmouth Co.)
 Family listed- Doucet, Mieux, LeBlanc, Bourque, Amirault,
Surette, Belliveau, Duon, d’Entremont, Boudreau, Cothereau, Babin,
Bourque, Myers, Boucher. The last 3 baptisms that are Corporon,
Hebert, and Landry were baptized in Pubnico in 1739.
Also a few deceased record are listed including,
Duhon, Babin, Bourque, Belliveau and Doucet.
Marguerite de St. Etienne de la Tour died at age 98.
Jeanne Cothereau died at age 88.
Pierre Surette died at age 70.
Marguerite Doucet died at age 48.
Anne Bourque died age 23 in 1751.
Abraham Bourque died at age 70 in 1751.
Claude Bourque died in 1751.
Anne Belliveau died in 1752.
Marguerite Bourque died in 1754 at age 25.
Claude Doucet died in 1754 at aged 78.
Joseph (Mieus), dit D’Azy died Dec. 14, 1729, at aged 55 years.

Correction from Book N
Notes on the Potier, Pottier, Pothier families in France.
The first Potiers’ to come to Canada.

Corrections from Book M

Notes on the Boudrot-Boudreau family..
Michel Boudreau was the first Boudreau to move to Acadia.

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Vol. 5-A2
Recensements du Pére Sigone
Genealogical tableaux from 1799 to 1844, inclusively of all the
families of Baie Ste-Marie. Traces of Families in Ste.-Anne-du-Ruisseau,
and St. Pierre between 1816-1824.
Birth Register by L’Abbé Sigogne of the Parish of Ste. Marie,
of the first  425 families listed.
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Vol. 6-A2
Recensements du Pére Sigone
Continuation of Register of families.
Supplement of Birth Register.
List of 49 lost families during 1878 to 1822
Second Supplement 1821-1823.
List of families who was torn apart.
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Vol. 7-A2
Recensements du Pére Sigone
Birth record with parent names.
The County of Annapolis, agreeable to Law,
Of annual tax collected from each family.
List of Assessors, surveyors, and collectors.
Lists of Savages on page 3-135, from Shelburne to Annapolis, N.S.
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Vol. 8-A2
Recensements du Pére Sigogne,
Ambroire Comeau
List of children and Parent between 1727-1753
First Habitant of Saint Marie Bay and Concession.
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Vol. 9-A3
Births, Marriages and Deaths of the
Register Copies from the Parish of Immaculate Conception
of Centre East Pubnico, N. S. from 1886 to 1896.
Confirmation Sept. 25, 1915,1918, 1924, 1927,1934
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Vol. 10a-A3
Extracts from the Registers of St. Peter’s Church of West Pubnico, from 1799 to 1868.
Families of Amirault, Duon, Surette and LeBlanc, include births, marriages and deaths.
Surette and LeBlanc family of St. Peter’s Church, from 1799 to 1868.
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Vol. 10b-A3
Extracts from the registers of St Peter’s Church of West Pubnico
including births, marriages and deaths from 1799 to 1868.
Families of BELLIVEAU and others like Boyle, Lennox, and Malone etc.
d’Entremont family.
Some notes about the Pubnico history
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Vol. II-A4
Extracts from the Registers of St. Peter’s Church of West Pubnico from 1799 to 1868
Such as births, marriages, and deaths.
Some notes about the Pubnico history.
Confirmation of May 30, 1803.
First Communion of 1809 to 1835, also 1859
Deed of land sold to the diocese by Joseph V. d’Entremont.
2001.97-f5-A#13 Download .PDF
Vol. 12-A4
Family of Jean Baptiste d’Entremont and
Francoise Babin of Eel Brook, N.S.
Sixth Generation
Seven Generation
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Vol. 13-A4
d’Entremont family
D’Entremont and Amirault after the Peace of Paris,    
Sailed from Boston in 1766 and return to Pubnico.     
The first Acadian Justice of the Peace in Nova Scotia.
The fifth generation at Pubnico- Cyrild’Entremont
 Sixth Generation, 6th Baron, Sylvain d’Entremont
Marriages of Timothée d’Entremont family and others.
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Vol. 14-A4
d’Entremont family                                                      
Family Herald Puzzle
Historical Genealogy of the Acadian Families
Of Yarmouth County and census of 1671 in Acadia, including Philippe Muis d’Entremont
Which, his two sons took the last name Muis.
Henry de la Tour d’Auvergne
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Vol. 15-A4
La Tour – d’Entremont, Muis, Mieux, DuVinier          
Record of Birth, Marriages and Death
Taken from the Record of Annapolis 1702-1755
Lieutenant of the Garrison of Port Royale
Register of Port Royale 1727-1755
Birth, deaths and census of Cape Sable 1708
Records from St. Peter’s parish in 1799, 1835
Confirmation May 29, 1803,and July 1830
First communion- October 28,1827and Apr. 1811
2001.97-f5-A#17 Download .PDF
Vol. 16-A4
Births, marriages of people of Cape Sable 1854 (Registers of Port-Royal)
First Communion 1859, and Confirmation 1868
Births of family-Grand-Claude and other Mic- Mac
Births, Marriages in Port Royal-1727-1755.
2001.97-f5-A#18 Download .PDF
Vol. 17-A4
Genealogy of the Acadian families in Yarmouth
 County, Nova Scotia
d’Entremont in Acadia
Notes-The House of Huart
 Chateau of Nattag
Mary Stuart- Queen of Scots-1542
St-Andre de Briord
Ancient Château d’Entremont et Aix-les-Bains
Land of Chanves
House of d’Entremont
Oldest Permanent French settlement in Acadia
Nova France Volume 11, No.1
2001.97-f5-A#19 Download .PDF
Vol. 18-A4
Genealogy of the Acadian families of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
D’Entremont in Pubnico
Port Royal in 1742
Marriage to Capt. Jean Granger and Melanson
Acadians to Philadelphia in 1755
Third Generations at Pubnico- Jacques d’Entremont
Fourth Generations at Pubnico-Joseph d’Entremont
Birth, Marriages,
Fifth Generations- Cyril d’Entremont
The Meuse family of N.S. were they a branch of the house of d’Entremont?
2001.97-f5-A#20 Download .PDF
Vol. 19-A4
d’Entremont family
Historical Genealogy of the Acadian families of N.S. Part 2
First settlement of Cape Sable
After the death of Biencourt
Founding of Pubnico
Notes from the Mass. Archives
Charles de saint Etienne de la Tour et son temps-Gouveneur de l’Acadie 1593-1666
Meuesse (Meuillon) old  French
Madeleine du Tillet and or Madeleine Elie
Early Explorators
Francois-Virgine Count d’Entremont
The war of the Fronde Cardinal de Mazarin
Governor de la Tour in France in 1651
2001.97-f5-A#21 Download .PDF
Vol. 20-A4
Genealogy of Acadian families of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Family of d’Entremont in Pubnico.  Corrections, additions and continuation “BOOK G”.
Visitation from Abbé Bailey de Messein or by Abbé Mathurin Bourg
Isle de Graves and their first settlers.
Marriages of Charles C. and Marie Boudreau and others.
Family of Paul Francois Amirault
Family of Jean d’Entremont (Squire) and Joseph Vincent his brother
Sixth Generation include Joseph Elie d’Entremont and families
2001.97-f5-A#22 Download .PDF
Vol. 21-A4
d’Entremont family, Include Maximin and others     
Continuation from Book G
Seven Generations at Pubnico
Family of Sylvain D’Entremont And Elizabeth Amirault
Family of Remi D’Entremont and Marie Leonice Belliveau
2001.97-f5-A#23 Download .PDF
Vol. 22-A4
Correction, additions and continuations from“BOOK G”.   
Genealogy of the Acadian families of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Family of d’Entremont of Pubnico.  Corrections, additions and continuation from “BOOK G”..
Include Hilaire d’Entremont and Anne Pothier
Also Etienne d’Entremont and Rosalie LeBlanc
Family of Joseph Josué D’Entremont and Nathalie LeBlanc
Family of Joseph Vincent D’Entremont and Madeleine Amirault
Nicolas d’Entremont, 7th Baron of Pubnico
Charles d’Entremont and brother, oldest son of Jean Baptiste
Urbain D’Entremont and Anastasie Pothier
Gervais Armand et Anne Leonice D’Entremont
2001.97-f5-A#24 Download .PDF
Vol. 23-A4
Family of d’Entremont of Pubnico,                              
Genealogy of the Acadian families of Yar.Co.N.S.
Family of Severin d’Entremont and Rosalie Amirault
Maximin d’Entremont and Catherine Amirault family and others
Some of the 8th Generations
2001.97-f5-A#25 Download .PDF
Vol. 24-A4
BOOK G-4                                                                   
Genealogy of the Acadian Families of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia 
Correction and additions from page 52 to end of Book “G”,
and from page 1, to end of Book H.
Family of Meuse and variations of Muis etc. 
Where they were established and who some married
Third Generations Joseph Mius dit (Dazy)
Fourth Generations at Pubnico and Massachusetts.
Settlers in Rocco Point
Notes of the Archives of Massachusetts
2001.97-f5-A#26 Download .PDF
Vol. 25-A4
Book H                                                                         
Genealogy of the Acadian Families of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
The family of Mieux-Meuse and other variations
Establishment of LaHève
Mentioning of Mic Mac and the children of Joseph in Salem.
Lists of people who set sail from Boston and Reading, Mass.
Notes from Second Generation
Daughter of Pierre Surette and Jeanne Pellerin in Salem
Sons of Louis and Josephine Meuse and their children
Sons of Paul Meuse and Marie LeBlanc
Sons of Benjamin Meuse and Nannette Doucette
Son of Jean Pierre of Jeffrey’s Point (Muise Point)
Settlement of the Meuse family at Quinan- Jean Baptist
Alliance in Acadia
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Vol. 26-A4
Book I                                                                           
Genealogy of the Acadian Families of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
De Sainte-Etienne de la Tour.  The family Amirault
Continue from Book H
Writing on Charles de St.Etienne de La Tour ancestors,
Including his family
Born in Province of Champagne, France.
The Amirault family and various spelling.
Jean Mirault family
Third Branch- Jacques Merault