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Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos

We believe that we help shape the future through researching and preserving the past and present and sharing our knowledge with the world. We invite you to see things anew through the lens of our outstanding collections. 


Our Story

In 1973, a group of interested citizens from West Pubnico got together and decided to organize a historical society as one way of working toward the preservation of their heritage. It now bears the name of “La Société Historique Acadienne de Pubnico-Ouest”. It has been quite active since its foundation and in 1977 its members purchased a dwelling house in the village which they promptly transformed into a museum.


Through local help and donations, as well as through grants from the Federal and Provincial governments, the task of renovating the place went along very well, so that as it now stands the museum compares favourably with other museums of the same size. Artifacts have been coming from different sources and visitors seem to be pleased with what has been done so far.

Our Collection

Since its official opening in 1979, the museum has acquired an impressive selection of artifacts which depict how life would have been for our ancestors at an earlier time.

In addition to household items, there are documents and literature dating back to the 1700s which are of great interest to the genealogist and historian. The museum’s new wing boasts a fine display of cameras, photographs and associated paraphernalia. There are over 300 cameras spanning one hundred years of photographic history, including a very rare gas-operated upright enlarger, circa 1895.

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