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Tracing Acadian Ancestry

We need your help. If you can trace your ancestry to the d’Entremont, the D’Eon / Duhon / Duyon / DeYoung, or the Muise / Meuse family, we would like to add your family information to our genealogy database to make it more complete.

We can complete your family tree or feel free to use our blank templates if you would like to trace your Acadian Ancestry yourself.

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Below are a blank Pedigree Chart as well as a blank Family Group Sheet in “pdf” format. You may be able to fill in these sheets online and save them to your device to email them to us.

You may also print out and fill in manually, as completely as possible, then photograph and email or physically mail them to the address below (or send them by FAX to 1-902-762-0726). They will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Blank Pedigree Chart

Blank Family Group Sheet


Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos Research Centre
PO Box 92, West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, B0W 3S0, Canada


(902) 762-3380 | (902) 762-0726

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